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    (1) Can a DD Form 1423 have the same name listed for Blocks G and I? (2) Can a contractor be listed for Block G (Prepared By) as long as a Government rep is listed for Block I (Approved By)? (3) Does Block G (Prepared By) block need to be signed?


    The first piece of advice I have is that you should ask the Government contracting officer, as that is the person who signs the contract which requires the CDRL. That being said—

    (1) The approval authority in block I is typically the Chairperson of the Data Requirements Review Board or appropriate Program Manager or their Deputy, i.e., the government. The level of approval depends on agency regulations and dollar thresholds. So, the same person would not complete blocks G and I.
    (2) In some instances offerors may be directed to prepare the CDRL. In those cases, the contractor may sign block G while the Government approves the CDRL in block I.
    (3) Yes.

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