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    Does the IT Box Solution still include RDP


    The current JCIDS manual still reflects both RDP and CD as examples of documents used for managing follow on efforts (in an agile manner).  The IS-ICD or IS-CDD provides sponsors the flexibility to manage IS capability.  (see page D-36)
    The following example of documents used for managing follow-on efforts is intended to be illustrative, and is not intended to limit potential flexibilities provided by the IS-ICD or IS-CDD. For the purpose of this example, two document types have been created and illustrated in Figure D-4. the Requirements Definition Package (RDP) and the Capability Drop (CD). Actual names, content, and approval process are at the discretion of the delegated oversight authority.” … JCIDS Manual p D-36
    The IT Box model calls for fewer iterations of validating capability requirement documents through the JCIDS process by describing the overall IS program, and delegating validation of detailed follow-on requirement and solution oversight to a flag-level organization (see page D-32)

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