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    Does DAU have any materials on using the critical chain scheduling approach vice the critical path methodology typically employed? Have had critical chain in school, but never seen it applied in practice.


    Critical Chain Scheduling, part of Critical Chain Project Management, is based on the Theory of Constraints. While DAU does not teach this method as part of its curriculum, we do have a couple of overview articles in the PQM CoP at
    Of note:
    Introduction to Theory of Contraints (TOC) & Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
    -Srinivasan, Jones, and Miller
    Applying Theory of Constraints Principles and Lean Thinking at the Marine Corps Maintenance Center
     Additional non-hosted resources may be found in the PQM COP Training Center, Recommended Reading
    One additional resource that may help is the Air Force Institute of Technology's Critical Chain Project Management Foundations course.  Besides the course itself, the course director may have examples of Critical Chain Scheduling and Project Management being used within Defense Acquisition.

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