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    I suggest you reference the contract requirement, contract data requirements list (CDRL) and data item description (DID) to determine exactly what is required.

    I’m going reference a previous AAP question below. As stated below, the source of CoC is the FAR. I have also referenced the Data Item Description for the 81356 spec specifically stating compliance to contract requirements.
    Hope this helps.

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    Title - Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Acceptance
    Question -
    Has there been a change to the FAR/DFAR that changes the term "Certificate of Conformance" to "Certificate of Acceptance"?
    Scenario - Difference in terminology. There has been some discussion/difference of opinion within DCMA as to whether the term "Certificate of Conformance" has been replaced with the term "Certificate of Acceptance". Trying to verify if this is true.
    Posted - 12/19/2007 12:00:00 AM
    Subject Area - Production, Quality, and Manufacturing

    To answer your question directly, no there hasn't been a change to substitute certificate of acceptance for certificate of conformance.  The Certificate of conformance, or CoC, is still language used in FAR 46.315, FAR 52.246-15 and DFARS 246.504 to name a few. 
    The confusion likely comes into play on FAR Part 12 (Acquisition of Commercial Items) acceptance terms.  Specifically FAR Part 12.402(a) states in part The acceptance paragraph in FAR 52.212-4 is based upon the assumption that the Government will rely on the contractor's assurances that the commercial item tendered for acceptance conforms to the contract requirements
    It also may be they are referencing FAR 46.501 (Acceptance - General) which states in part Acceptance shall ordinarily be evidenced by execution of an acceptance certificate on an inspection or receiving report from or commercial shipping document/packing list.
    It may be this is where you folks are coming up with Certificate of Acceptance phrase but the term is not used in place of the CoC in the FAR or DFARS.


    Title: Certificate of Compliance Number DI-MJSC-81356A
    AMSC Number: N9036 DTIC Applicable: No
    Office of Primary Responsibility: NAVICP Code 8741 Applicable Forms:NIA

    Approval Date: 20071218 Limitation: N/A
    GIDEP Applicable: No

    Use/Relationship: The Certificate of Compliance provides certification from the contractor that the materiel supplied is in full compliance with all contract requirements. This DID contains the format, content, and intended use information for the data deliverable required by the contract.
    This DID supersedes DI-MISC-81356. Requirements:
    1.  Format. The Certificate of Compliance shall be presented in a format similar to that of Figure 1.
    2.  Content. The Certificate of Compliance shall contain:
    a.  Contractor' s name.
    b.  Contractor' s address.
    c.  Contractor's phone number.
    d.  Date.
    e.  Contracting Agency's name.
    f.  Contract Number.
    g.  National Stock Number (NSN).
    h. Item nomenclature.
    i.  A statement certifying that all items furnished on the contract are in full compliance with all specification and contract requirements.
    j.  Authorized personnel's signature.
    k.  Authorized personnel' s printed name and title.
    Page 1

    (Contractor's name)
    (Contractor 'saddress)
    Phone Number: -------
    (Contractor 'sphone  number)
    Date: -------
    To: -------
    (Contracting Agency)
    Contract Number: -------
    National Stock Number: -------
    Item Nomenclature: ---------
    "All items furnished on this contract are in full compliance with all specification and contract requirements. "

    (Signature of Authorized Personnel

    (Printed Name and Title of Authorized Personnel)
    Note: The recording of false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or entries on this document may be punished as a felony under Federal Statutes.
    3. End of DI-MISC-81356A
    Page 2
    Figure 1 -Sample format for a Certificate of Compliance

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