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    Could you tell me if NAVSEA PEO IWS has or is currently using this program and where I can find more information on Depot Source of Repair DSOR? In addition wouldn't the use of DSOR be well within the Title 10 guidance and be more cost effective if used?


    With regard to the Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) program, OPNAVINST 4790.14B (Joint Depot Maintenance Program) provides policy and procedures for obtaining depot maintenance support of all weapons systems, end items, systems, subsystems, equipment, components and software maintenance.  Furthermore, the applicability applies to the aforementioned items which require depot-level maintenance as defined by section 2460 of title 10, United States Code, including modifications that are part of depot-level maintenance and repair.  The instruction also provides the methods and processes to be utilized to assign or reassign the DSOR and for implementing DSOR assignments. 

    The instruction can be accessed via the following URL: Logistical Support and Services/04-700 General Maintenance and Construction Support/4790.14B.pdf

    NAVSEASYSCOM 04 has a Maintenance Inter-Service Support Office (MISO) representative who is responsible for coordinating and implementing DSOR decisions and for preparing and negotiating depot maintenance inter-Service support agreements affecting their reporting activity.  NAVSEA's 
    MISO can be reached at commercial 202-781-5355.   

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