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    1) Is there a requirement for contractors to identify themselves as contractors in email signature blocks? Where is this guidance located? 2) Is there a requirement for contractors to have a statement of limitation of authority in the emails and if so is this the correct wording? Where is this guidance located? Once I get the answers I plan to bring the issues above up with the appropriate CORs. Thank you.


    This is a great question.

    The primary regulation you will want to reference is Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 11.106 (specifically 11.106(b)) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFARS) 211.106.


    Depending on the scope of work, other FAR/DFARS related sources include: 37.503(c), 237.503(c), and 204.73.  Often times these will reference other DoD Instruction, Manuals, and Regulations or even U.S. Code (e.g. DoDI 5230.24).


    Note: this is guidance to the Government to follow when writing the Performance Work Statement (PWS) or SOW or other requirements that will be included in the solicitation and ultimately the contract.  If this language was not included prior to the contract being awarded, the contracts will have to be modified to incorporate this requirement.  See your contracting officer.

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