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    What is the process for obtaining additional systems (ASIOE) for my system? I have several LINs listed on my BOIP as ASIOE. Our AAO has increased and we are building an additional 11 systems. This means I will need an addition of 11 items that are ASIOE. Who POMs for this and what is the official process for acquisition?


    Let’s start with the Basis of Issue Plan (or BOIP).  The Basis of Issue Plan (BOIP) is an Army requirements document that describes a new or improved system or component and is used to plan and manage the introduction of developmental and Non-Developmental Items (NDIs) of equipment.  The BOIP describes capabilities, planned quantities, placement of new items, Component Major Items (CMI), Associated Support Items of Equipment (ASIOE), and personnel.  It is used by Program Managers (PM) for concept studies, life-cycle cost estimates, and trade-off analyses during the research and development process. Army commands use BOIPs to plan the equipment, facilities, initial provisioning, and personnel required to support new or improved materiel systems.


    According to AR 71-32 dated 1 July 2013, Para 4–3 states: “The BOIP supports equipment acquisition by documenting and identifying TOE personnel and equipment requirements to operate, maintain, and transport the equipment. BOIP is required for the following:


                   a. Items to be procured in response to approved capability documents and other requirements documents (see AR 71–9) or materiel change management programs, which change the performance, characteristics, or capabilities of the item. These items require a new LIN and type classification LCC A (includes type reclassification standard from limited procurement or low rate initial production).


                   b. Items that require additional associated support items of equipment and personnel.


                   c. End items that are not required as components of SKO and assemblies when they are to be separately type classified standard LCC A for separate authorization and issue.


                   d. Equipment rebuys that require new technology, a new LIN for management, or new associated support items of equipment and personnel, or items that result in an impact on training.”


    Paragraph 4-7 on the Amendment of BOIP feeder data states:


    “a. A function change to the item being developed or the addition, deletion, or change of component major end items, associated support items of equipment and personnel, or training requirements will require an amendment to BOIPFD.


    b. BOIPFD amendments will follow the same staffing process as initial submission.


    c. USAFMSA will review amendments to determine staffing requirements necessary prior to publication of changes; for example, changes of significant proportions may require a complete package to be developed and submitted to HQDA for approval.


    d. Revision of previous operator/maintainer information or maintenance burden will require an amended personnel requirements entry in the BOIP.”


    So the bottom line is that BOIPs are specific Army requirements documents.  The BOIP is justified by some type of source requirements document such as a ROC, JSOR, MNS, JMNS, ICD, CDP, or any other type of requirements document listed in DA PAM 700-27 (30 November 2015). Since the BOIP was approved by the Authorized Approving Authority (AAO), the source requirements document, as listed in is BOIP, has also been approved. Therefore it sounds as though your requirement for 11 additional systems is authorized and approved.


    The process used for obtaining additional Associated Support Items of Equipment (ASIOE) for your system is the acquisition process specified by an approved acquisition strategy.  As in any acquisition, many factors drive the agency responsible for funding and for submitting the POM.  You can determine specifics for your acquisition by reviewing the authorized and signed DA Form 7751 (BOIP Feeder Data).  This form contains data elements on funding and responsibilities.  Chapter 3, Section II, Block 15 of the DA Form 7751—identifies the appropriation and budget activity. Chapter 3, Section II, Block 13 identifies the funding status, and Chapter 3, Section II, Block 41 identifies the Points of Contact such as the Materiel Developer who would either be responsible for funding the effort or know the specific source of funding for your requirement.


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