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    Does DAU have an LSI course briefing available for use within DoD to enable 4.11.6 leadership the opportunity to train their project Leads/Engineers on the LSI pillars and principles?


    The short answer is no.   Even using the term LSI can be a little provocative given the negative publicity associated with two LSI-managed programs—the U.S. Army’s Future Combat System (FCS—that was cancelled) and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Deepwater program because both accounted for huge cost and schedule overruns and conflicts of interest.  Both programs earned considerable congressional interest in the implementation of LSI.




    I found the following excerpt by Paul Montgomery, Ron Carlson, and John Quartuccio which published by Naval Postgraduate School on April 1, 2013, entitled “The Making of a DoD Acquisition Lead System Integrator (LSI)”




    …The roles of the LSI are really similar to the roles of any SE or system integrator (SI). The primary difference is the span of design and integration authority that persists throughout the system acquisition and/or complete life cycle. The following are a sampling of the LSI roles that would be more expansive than traditional SE/SI:


    *        Design: Act as the primary designer (sometime referred to as the “design agent”). Design includes system and SoS designs. Roles include conceptual design, architectural design (operational, functional, physical, interface, qualification), and integration and qualification designs.


    *        Source selection: Responsible for providing solicitation packages, reviewing and evaluating proposals, and selecting and awarding the contract to component, subsystem, system, or product provider. Component-level solicitation has often been assigned to prime contractors.


    *        Subcontractor selection: Survey, vetting, and selection of providers of components or services. Component-level selection has often been assigned to prime contractors


    *        Supplier chain management: Engagement within the domains of hardware and software configuration item selection, sources of supply, and manufacture.


    *        Trade-off studies: Conduct of objective trade-off studies and analysis of system challenges, risks, and opportunities.


    *        System baseline management: Definition, control, and management of system design baselines, configuration management, and realized configurations.


    *        Rigorous, multi-system definition and management of interfaces, taxonomy, system structures, and so forth.


    *        End-to-end span of authority and control for baseline control and management of the system design, development, integration, qualification, and deployment.


    *        Qualification (“V&V”): Ultimate responsibility for developmental (verification), operational (validation), and acceptance qualification success. Sustainment/suitability: Responsible for sustainment and suitability design of the system and impact analysis of SoS sustainment strategies…


    We recommend that you contact your parent organization or further information.  They may have instituted specific guidance for LSI roles and responsibilities of its government employees.

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