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    Can the Prim contractor provide a single rate schedule that is inclusive of both the Prime and the Subcontractor's rates instead of providing multiple rate schedules, one for the Prime and one for each Subcontractor?


    The Prime is to follow Table 15-2 which can be found in FAR15.408 ,when submitting their Certified Cost or Pricing Data. When I read Table 15-2 IIA & B it looks to me like the the rates would have to be broken out by the prime and each subcontractor.

    Table 15-2IIA(2) All Other. Obtain certified cost or pricing data from prospective sources for those acquisitions (such as subcontracts, purchase orders, material order, etc.) exceeding the threshold set forth in FAR 15.403-4 and not otherwise exempt, in accordance with
    FAR 15.403-1(b) (i.e., adequate price competition, commercial items, prices set by law or regulation or waiver). Also provide data showing the basis for establishing source and reasonableness of price.

    Table 15-2IIBDirect Labor. Provide a time-phased (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.) breakdown of labor hours, rates, and cost by appropriate category, and furnish bases for estimates.

    Recommend you speak with your legal department  for their input.

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