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    Difference between EMD configuration and LRIP configuration?


    It's not really clear what you are asking, from the limited question and background information you provide.  There are several ways I could interpret your question.
    I'll answer this way.
    It's POSSIBLE that the "EMD configuration" and the "LRIP configuration" are exactly the same... however, that rarely happens, because differences usually arise between the final EMD build (as reflected in an Engineering Development Model, or EDM), and the actual Production Configuration represented in an LRIP build.
    EDMs built during EMD are usually "hand built", or have a considerable amount of touch labor in their assembly.  As such, there may be different fasteners used, different ways of securing wiring harnesses, etc.  And, more significantly, production engineering problems may have surfaced as the system was prepared to enter production on the LRIP line that were corrected to enable the system to be produced in a more automated, assembly line environment that were not surfaced during the EDM build.  When these issues are resolved, they result in a somewhat different "production" configuration than the system had as represented by EDMs in the EMD phase.
    These differences are part of the reason a Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) is so important.  This review is to ensure that the "as built" configuration being produced on the production line MATCHES the design documentation for the system developed during the EMD phase.  Often, changes made to prepare the system for production, or to resolve production engineering problems, result in the configuration changing somewhat from the design documentation originally specified.  The PCA makes sure that the documentation has "caught up" to the actual production configuration.
    These differences also explain why assets being used for IOT&E must be "production representative" items produced on the LRIP assembly line, not EDMs built during EMD.  Differences in these two configurations could result in the system performing differently during IOT&E.

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