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    Are we required to submit CCPD if a USGovt Contract Number is' not applicable'?


    This answer is based only on the limited information provided and the assumptions I made based on the information provided. First assumption: The Prime contractor is preparing a proposal in response to a U.S. Government solicitation which included FAR 52.215-12  Subcontractor Certified Cost or Pricing Data. Since the clause is in the solicitation and will be in the contract the Prime is notifying your company Certified Cost or Pricing Data will be required. At this point there would not be a U.S. Government contract number because a contract has not be awarded, just a solicitation has been released.
    Assumption two: The contractor who requested your company's quote  does not have a requirement with the U.S. Government.  You need to ask the Prime why they have included FAR 52.215-12 which is a Government clause. In this case there would not be a statute requiring the certified cost or pricing data.

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