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    Is there a conflict between FAR 4.1005-1(a)(5)(I), which requires unit and total price on all FFP deliverable lines unless an exception applies; and FAR16.505(b)(3), which suggests that IDIQ orders may not be priced in advance on the base IDIQ?


    This answer is only based on the information provided in the question. I think you answered your own question when you stated FAR 4.1005-1(a)(5)(i) requires unit and total price unless an exception applies. In those situations where an exception applies you may not see the unit and total price in the base IDIQ contract.

    From the information provided in the background you state the base IDIQ prices or elements of total price cannot be established in advance, but the KO has a compelling business case as to why they cannot be established. In this case the KO might want to look at requesting a deviation from the FAR following FAR 1.4.

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