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    Am I missing something? Is there a requirement for a RAD, when the TO fits completely within the validated and approved work and maximum $ ceiling of the IDIQ?


    We are assuming that RAD stands for "Requirement Approval Document".  Since you mentioned TO in your question we are assuming that the work is services related.  Please refer to  AFI 63-138 Acquisition of Services.
    The AFI says a RAD is mandatory for service contract "actions" above $150K.  Because work done against an IDIQ is at the TO level and not the basic contract, the TO process is a "contract action".  A RAD done at the basic contract level would not cover any of the  TO's issued during the life of the contract.  If a RAD was done at the basic contract level, it was used to justify the minimum and maximum (see FAR 16.504) quantity/dollar amount.

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