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    What is the FAR or guidance that provides how to create/establish a BEQ table. Want to make sure the offerer has firm data to respond on quote.


    1. There are no citation references in the current FAR or in the entire Federal Acquisition Regulations System that we could find regarding the development of a Best Estimated Quantity (BEQ) for solicitations and resulting contracts. However, we were able to locate some general guidance pertaining to the establishment of a solicitation BEQ in a previous version of the FAR that nonetheless may still be helpful at the link just below under the following subsection: “(17.104-4} Multiyear contracting using modified requirements contracts”.

    2. Unfortunately, there is insufficient information provided in this inquiry that would enable us to provide any specific guidance regarding the development of a BEQ table applicable to this acquisition situation beyond what we had found at the above reference. However because this inquiry appears to involve an Air Force acquisition, we also suggest that this inquiry be directed to other USAF contracting activities with complete information describing this acquisition for the purpose of obtaining any useful guidance and lessons learned resulting from other similarly situated acquisitions.

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