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    Is it really impossible for a Navy command that does not have an onsite, organic contracts office (vice a contracting group that works for it at NAVSUP) to accept and process Direct Cite via a 2276A RX document? Is this an actual rule? If so, is the purpose of the rule to ensure that receiving activities must have access to contracting capabilities so that they can execute the funding, and B's comptroller is misunderstanding the rule? It seems odd that an activity that can accept and execute a 2276 RCP document can't do the same with a 2276A RX document. What is the proper course of action for B in order to allow it to execute the contracting action via Direct Cite?


    The Navy POC advises:  You needs to go to a SYSCOM or PEO and raise these questions and get answers from them, and determine what applies to the specific situation.

    That's the kind of research that must be done as there are many questions and complexity and the best way forward must be thought out given the SME from the PEOs and the SYSCOMs.

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