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    Can the customer make an emergency purchase without the ITAS waiver?


    You may wish to contact the CHESS POCs below to move the waiver along.    Additionally, please check with your agency policy regarding emergency procurements.
    Info from the CHESS FAQs:

    What is the estimated response time for an ITAS Waiver (formerly Goal 1 Waiver) to be processed?
    Per CIO/G-6, an ITAS waiver can be processed in as little as 4 hours in an emergency. Normal processing time will be closer to 10 – 14 days. If there are errors or misinformation the processing time will increase as the waiver will be returned for correction.
    For more information and to schedule training, contact the following POCs:
    Mr. Jim Mark, 703-692-4519 or
    Mr. Orlando Dixon, 571-256-8938 or <

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