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    Is it permissible to issue a direct award under the SAT to UNICOR for services? I am unable to find any verbiage prohibiting such action.


    The question has a few parts.  First FAR 6.302-5(b)(1) isn't applicable for this situation because you are referring to services.
    8.605 -- Exceptions.
    Purchase from FPI is not mandatory and a waiver is not required if--
    (g) Acquiring services.
    Because it isn't mandatory and the procedures outlined in FAR 8.602 a-g don't apply you would then fall under FAR part 13. 

    See FAR 13.106 
    (b) Soliciting from a single source.
    (1) For purchases not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.
    (i) Contracting officers may solicit from one source if the contracting officer determines that the circumstances of the contract action deem only one source reasonably available (e.g., urgency, exclusive licensing agreements, brand-name or industrial mobilization).

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