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    Can GP be donated to a foreign contractor and foreign Navy?


    The answer is Yes; but ONLY if the abandonment, destruction, or donation conforms to the foreign policy of the United States.  The regulations that reside over donations of Foreign Excess Personal Property (FEPP) are:

    FAR 45.602.3; Screening
    DFARS 245.602-3; Screening
    FMR 102-36.385; What are our responsibilities in the disposal of FEPP?
    DoD Manual 4160.21 Vol 1 Enclosure 5; Donations, Loans and Exchanges
    DoD Manual 4160.21 Vol 2 Enclosure 4; Disposal of FEPP 

    Essentially, all FEPP must be screened in accordance with FAR 45.6 and the applicable Government components are notified of the donation such as DLA, the US Dept. of Commerce, and/or US State Department.  The requirement for following the
    FAR 45.602.3 screening process is located in the DFARS 245.602-3. The remaining regulations listed above provide agency responsibilities in the disposition of FEPP. 

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