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    Where may I find a reference or POC that can provide COTS/GOTS hardware restrictions supportive of an IS-CDD?


    We do not have a POC other than to refer you to your chain of command.  However, the JCIDS Manual,
    There are four (4) Hardware Restrictions is support of an IS-ICD/CDD:
    1-All hardware needed to solution the IS-ICD/CDD must already be developed---GOTS or COTS. 
    2-Hardware must be targeted for use for system integration or enhancement purposes that directly support IS-ICD/CDD capability requirements.
    3-Hardware can be purchased (COTS) for hardware refresh purposes due to obsolescence to support IS-ICD/CDD capability requirements.
    4-Hardware may not be purchased to increase quantities of previously fielded equipment, which are not addressed by the approved IT Box.
    Please refer to page D-31 in the JCIDS Manual:
    IS-ICDs are appropriate for:
    (a) The procurement or modification of GOTS/COTS IS products from domestic or international sources, or the development of dual-use technologies.
    (b) The additional production or modification of previously developed U.S. and/or allied /partner-nation / other US government agency/department IS products.
    (c) Development, integration, and acquisition of customized application software, including commercial IS capability solutions with integrated, DOD-specific performance characteristics/standards.
    (d) All hardware associated with an IS-ICD must be COTS/GOTS. Hardware modifications are restricted to those necessary for system integration and enhancements to meet capability requirements specified in the IS-ICD, and hardware refresh due to obsolescence.
    (e) Approaches where the capability solution involves research, development, and/or acquisition of applications systems software, and the projected life cycle costs exceed $15 million. IS-ICDs with life cycle costs less than $15 million may be submitted for review and validation if validated requirements are needed to support budgetary requests or other purposes.
    IS-ICDs are NOT appropriate for:
    (a) Software embedded as a subset of a capability solution developed under other validated capability requirement documents. In this case, the software requirements are validated as part of the capability
    requirements for the overall capability solution.
    (b) Software requiring a host platform, such as a manned or unmanned vehicle, which does not yet have validated capability requirement documents. In this case, the software requirements can be included in the capability requirements of the host platform, or as a separate IS-ICD submitted after validation of the host platform capability requirement documents.
    (c) Increases in quantities of previously fielded IS without modification, which are not addressed by an IT Box. These increased quantities may be addressed by a DCR. Increases in quantity which remain
    within the scope of a previously validated IT Box, may be accomplished without revalidation.
    (d) Requirements for DBS capabilities defined and acquired in accordance with references bb and lll. (4) In cases where the potential for use of the IT-Box construct is unclear or in dispute, the Joint Staff Gatekeeper, in consultation with the validation authority as needed, will determine whether an ICD or IS-ICD will be used.

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