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    Are quotes required by any DOD guidance and if so, what guidance? When are quotes mandatory?


    BLUF:  Please work with the Army POC of the CHESS for further information.
    1. If, the power supply does fall under IT then yes CHESS is the primary source ( NOT THE ONLY) source.
    2. If, a GPC is being used then the new micro purchase threshold for ARDEC customers is now $10K and requesting an RFQ or having 3 quotes does not come into play now. CHs are required to do market research and award to a small business vendor is the cost exceeds $3,500.00 UNLESS they can show there is no small business who could meet their requirement or minimum specifications (if applicable)
    3.  Does the Army require all IT regardless of dollar value to be purchased off the CHESS contract?  Yes and No - yes as the primary source No if you are granted a Statement of Non Availability (SoNA) and depending on what is being purchase you also must have an ITAS waiver.   Also Army AR -21-1 mandated CHESS as the primary source.

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