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    Is there a difference between programs that have been canceled and programs that have been terminated? A lot of articles use terminated and canceled interchangeably. Are there any DoD required documents or processes that need to be followed if a program is canceled or terminated?


    The reference document at the link below used program cancellation and termination interchangeably, but in the long run, cancellation more appropriately applies to programs, and termination applies more to contracts.  Programs could be cancelled or terminated; contracts are terminated, not cancelled.  The information at the DAU website and linked below, should contain answers or other relevant links to other related material.
    We recommend that you visits the DAU website at <> , and enter “program termination” into the search window.  A laundry list of articles relevant to program termination/cancellation from both a Program Management and Contracting standpoint will appear.  The DAU website contains a Community of Practice (CoP) aimed at how to smartly shut down a program at the link below.  Pertinent information relevant to that CoP can be found there.

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