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    Is the threshold for requiring DPAS based on the rated quantity value or the total value of the PO? Because th total order value is greater than $75,000, must I impose and comply with DPAS? Or since the rated quantity value is only $1,000 and can be delivered on time without the rating, may I elect not to impose DPAS?


    According to the DPAS regulation 15 CFR 700, section 700.17 para. (f): "A person is not required to place a priority  rating on an order (emphasis added) for less than $50,000, or one half of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Simplified Acquisition Threshold (see FAR 2.101), whichever amount is larger, provided that delivery can be obtained in a timely fashion without the use of the priority rating." Note that the regulation specifically refers to "order" rather than "quantity." I don't know of any exception that would apply in your case.

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