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    We, at CECOM, are trying to establish a policy for the processing of other service major item requirements. We realize that Army major items are free issue and when requisitioned go through a Requisition Validation Process to determine authorization. How should other service requisitions be managed? Can an other service requirement for an Army managed major item be honored? Should the other service pay for the major item? (Our G-8 says they do not accept funding from another service for major items.) Can the requirement be accepted as free issue if the item is excess to the Army? Need your assistance ASAP. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Diane Johnson. 443-861-5703


    The management of non consumable items is covered in DoD Manual 4140.68, Integrated Materiel Management of Non Consumable items, 20 Nov 2017.  The issue involves the designation of the primary and secondary inventory control activities.  DoD Manual 4140.68, Enclosure 3 specifically outlines the responsibilities for the DoD components including funding and forecasting requirements. The primary inventory control activity (PICA) is an organizational unit or activity within the DoD supply system that is assigned the primary responsibility for the materiel management of a group of items either for a particular Military Department or the DoD as a whole, such as forecasting requirements or other engineering tasks associated with weapon system support. The secondary inventory control activity (SICA) manages all functions that are not executed by the PICA.Non consumable items entering the DoD inventory will be assigned to a single military service for materiel management primary inventory control activity (PICA). When the item is used by more than one service, there may be a secondary inventory control activity (SICA). The PICA is required to notify the SICA when significant OSD budget reduction to the PICA procurement or repair funding are made and when such reduction may adversely impact support of SICA requirements.

    PICA/SICA determination authority is ASD (L&MR), delegated to the Service Secretaries via the Integrated Materiel Management Committee (IMMC). The DoD 4140.26-M, Vol 1, Enclosure 3 describes the role of the (IMMC), which is responsible for ensuring the IMMC policies are aligned with the policies of DoDM 4140.01 Volume 1 DoD Supply Chain Material Management Procedures: Operations Requirements. Any depots, inventory control points, or other supply activities can be designated as a PICA/SICA. DoD 4100.30-M, Vol 13, Chap 6 lists various activities that have PICA/SICA authorities. 

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