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    After an item of GP is granted relief by the DCMA PA, is the contractor allowed to request from the PCO to use this blade as a process improvement/training tool in order to prevent damage on future blades where same repair process may be used?


    This answer is being provided under the presumption that the helicopter blade, which is Government-furnished property, is not assigned to an aircraft and DFARS 252.228-7001 Ground and Flight Risk clause is not applicable. You can request authorization from the PCO to use this blade as a process improvement/training tool, but the answer that you receive should be “No.” Your background description indicates that the blade would not be used for contract performance. Therefore, it appears that you would like the PCO to abandon the helicopter blade to your organization. If the PCO were to abandon the helicopter blade to your organization, he or she would not be in compliance with FAR 45.602. Unless the contract terms and conditions include other property disposition instructions, the helicopter blade should be submitted on an inventory disposal schedule in accordance with FAR 52.245-1(j)—Government propertyContractor inventory disposal. Aircraft parts, in any condition, that are no longer needed for contract performance are required to be reported and submitted on a separate inventory disposal schedule (see FAR 52.245-1(j)(2)(iii). The demilitarization code of the helicopter blade needs to be taken into consideration. It is most likely “D” and requires that a Government representative witness the demilitarization of the item.

    We suggest that you contact the assigned Plant Clearance Officer for guidance on any disposition actions.

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