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    Can we use RDTE funding during development for an Obsolescence/ Life of Type Buy?


    The short answer is yes.  The critical thinking question that must be answered is, “Why would you want to go down the road of non- supportability.  The question didn’t provide the details but it begs the question of why would you continue with this vendor continuing toward full scale production when supporting the prototypes is so difficult and expensive. The reference is from the website:
    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E):

    Common to all services and defense agencies, RDT&E funds are available for both investment and expense items that are procured as part of an RDT&E project. The RDT&E appropriation is divided into seven Budget Activities corresponding to the various phases or categories of research. A key feature of the RDT&E Appropriation is that it can be used to incrementally fund project effort. The funds are appropriated for two years with a goal of 100% obligation in the first year of availability. After the two years of availability for obligation, the funds are available for an additional five years for adjustments and expenditure. The seven budget activites relative to RDT&E are:

    Budget Activity Research Category Title
    1 6.1 Basic Research
    2 6.2 Applied Research
    3 6.3a Advanced Technology Development
    4 6.3b Demonstration & Validation
    5 6.4 Engineering & Manufacturing Development
    6 6.5 RDT&E Management Support
    7 6.6 Operational Systems Development
    Note: 6.1 through 6.3a are referred to as Science and Technology (S&T) under the purview of Director Defense Research & Engineering (D,DR&E)


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