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    To whom it may concern,   I am reaching out because I need help to figure out that if the OSD comptroller moved funds from the Overseas Contingency OCO Transfer account to the Army's Military Personnel appropriation to cover extra costs with deploying troops unexpectedly to a war zone, what should have been done or what we need to do.   Can funds be Internally reprogrammed to or from transfer accounts OCO to MPA. Transfer accounts established by Congress are appropriations that contain funds which are to be transferred to other appropriations for execution.   Or Does this require Congressional notification reprogramming since this an unexpected deployment   or neither  because the Congressional Prior Approval Reprogramming is the way to go since this is moving funds between appropriation accounts and this is personnel.   


    When talking about moving monies out of one appropriation to another, we are looking at General Transfer Authority (GTA).  GTA is discretionary flexibility given to the SecDef by Congress to move monies around.  It is a general provision in each year’s DoD appropriation act.

    The request is routed through the service management chain to the SecDef who makes the determination that the movement of monies is necessary and in the national interest.

    Note: There are several caveats that might elevate this kind of transfer to a Congressional prior approval reprogramming which would require OMB approval as well as Congressional involvement.

    -- Exceeding $10M increase in procurement funding; $15M for O&M
    -- Any increase or decrease in a Congressional 'special-interest item'
    -- Increasing unit quantities on a major procurement program
    -- Plussing up any program previously denied congressional funding

    Source: DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR) 7000.14-R Vol3, Ch6  


    We always recommend that in dealing with financial policy, you consult your local comptroller and legal organizations.

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