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    My understanding is that NGREA funds are used as supplemental procurement (3010) for ANG/AFRC programs. If there is a desire to field a capability that requires developmental engineering, what is the funding mechanism the ANG/AFRC can use to do the development if NGREA funds can only be used once the capability is available? Does it require a 3600 POM from the active duty side to do the development?


    The question revolves around the ANG and AFRC wanting a capability not currently available on active duty or reserve jets with no COTS solution available. What is the funding mechanism to achieve this capability?  As the question you pose revolves around a new capability which equates to a new start program.  The program will have to go through the acquisition cycle starting with JCIDS, then a cost estimate, and the POM/BES submission.  If the need would be considered a UON (urgent operational need) you may be able to speed up the acquisition cycle. 

    I strongly suggest you contacting the Comptroller to discuss the new capability that needs to be developed to begin the process.

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