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    Is there a FAR or DFARS requirement for the IGE to be signed by the preparer and the IGE answer the following questions: (1) how the IGE was developed, (2) what assumptions were made, (3) what information and estimating tools were used, (4) where the information was obtained, and (5) how did previous estimates compare with prices paid.


    FAR 36.605(a) states that an IGE for A&E services shall be prepared on the basis of a detailed analysis of the required work as though the Government were submitting a proposal.  There is no specific requirement stated in the FAR or DFARS for the IGE to be signed by the preparer or that the IGE answer specific questions.  However, your service, agency or organization may have supplemental guidance that requires those items or some variation of those items. The questions you provided are questions that a detailed analysis should take into account.

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