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    In terms of being compliant with FAR 19.203(c), should other market research be considered to support a socio economic set aside before perusing a total small business set aside on GSA or FedBid?


    FAR part 10 says to conduct market research appropriate to the circumstances.  I think there are 2 decisions the KO must make.  These decisions should be based on the market research conducted.  If you feel that more market research is needed, then you should present that to the KO with the reasons why. 

    The KO must decide to solicit off of GSA, Fedbid, or FAR 13 or 15 requirements (open market). If the KO has already made the decision to use GSA and Fedbid, then the market research should support that.  If market research does not support his decision, you should let the KO know. 

    The KO must also decide whether or not to do a set-aside including set-asides for specific socioeconomic categories.  If you believe more market research is warranted on whether or not to set-aside for a specific socio economic category, then also present that to the KO with the reasons why.  The market research results should steer you to both the type of solicitation method to use and also the most appropriate set-aside decision to make.

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