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    What governing documentation defines Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Management as obsolete?


    The terms logistics management and ILS management should be replaced with Product Support and Product Support Management respectively.  While there is no regulation that covers this change, it is based on the establishment of the position of Product Support Manager and the 12 Integrated Product Support Elements.

    In October 2009, Section 805 of Public Law 111-84 established the key leadership position of Product Support Manager (PSM) and reiterated DoD’s commitment to life cycle product support management. By 2010, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD) Logistics and Materiel Readiness (L&MR) concluded the seminal work to develop and implement a Product Support Business Model (PSBM) and published a series of Guidebooks to assist the Product Support Manager (PSM) in the execution of his or her duties. These new Guidebooks include the “DoD Product Support Manager Guidebook”, the “DoD Product Support Business Case Assessment (BCA) Guidebook” and the “DoD Logistics Assessment (LA) Guidebook”.  The Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements Guidebook picks up where the Product Support Manager Guidebook Appendix A left off in describing the new 12 IPS Elements which are an extension of the traditional 10 Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) elements in order to accommodate the expanded, enterprise-level role of the Product Support Manager. Program Managers, Product Support Managers and Life Cycle Logisticians should use this Guidebook as a reference source and training aid supporting their responsibilities, tailored to the needs of each program.

    The term “Integrated” in the term “Integrated Product Support Element” is critical. The Product Support Manager must understand how each element is affected by and linked with the others and should employ all of them in an integrated fashion to reach the goal of optimizing Warfighter requirements for suitability and affordability.

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