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    Is there a govt repository with ISO standards or do we need to purchase our own copies? I need to get a copy of ISO 3874 "Freight containers - Handling and securing." I hate to go through the time and expense to procure if they are already available to the govt.


    Currently, no there is not one.  However, you have a great idea and DISA and Army have done a blanket purchase agreement with ISO that will establish one soon.  There is also an initiative in somewhere at the Federal level to establish a government-wide repository.

    Recently, we were told that DISA and the Army have done a blanket purchase for all ISOs. Navy and AF have not.  An enterprise ISO license is being looked at across the government but is not in place yet. 

    We do not have POCs for any of the  above at this time.  We are working to find POCs and will repost an update to this answer when we do. 

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