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    Can you help provide guidance, including timelines required for the process of reprogramming Procurement Funds? I will be on leave starting today. Can you please in your response.


    The requirements and process of an Above Threshold Reprogramming are detailed in DoD FMR Volume 3, Chapter 6.  There are 2 types of reprogramming actions.  The first type is for specific requirements, which usually are combined and submitted monthly.  The second type is the annual Omnibus reprogramming action submitted prior to June 30 of each year.  With the exception of reprogramming of National Intelligence Program resources, the Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller submits all reprogramming actions.  As noted paragraph 060407, "Military Departments must submit proposed DD 1415 (form submitted by USD(C) for reprogramming of funds) actions formally by a signed memorandum addressed to the USD(C) from the Assistant Secretary (Financial Management and Comptroller) of the Military Department.  Requests from a Defense Agency must be signed by its Comptroller (or equivalent official).  Such requests must be submitted electronically and all requests are due the 5th work day of the month for inclusion in the monthly reprogramming submission."  Subparagraph A of 060407 states, "Reprogramming actions outside the Omnibus reprogramming to the congressional committees will only be make for those actions involving critical requirements or unforeseen circumstances that cannot wait for implementation of the Omnibus due to contract award dates or other time sensitive reasons."
    Given that, you need to check with your service comptroller on how the process is run within your respective service or agency.  DAU would not have any visibility into those processes.

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