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    What is the definition of a SAG, purpose, outcomes? Also what is the difference between an Army SAG and OSD?


    Relating to the acronym SAG, this researcher most frequently encountered the definition of SAG representing “Study Advisory Group”, not a Senior Advisory Group in the context of Defense Acquisition.  I did find Senior Advisory Group (SAG) in a Power Point slide at the first link below, and that chart does shows a Senior Advisory Group/Executive Steering Committee involved as part of an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) approval process during the Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) Phase of the Defense Acquisition Management System.  When researching the term SAG as it relates to the AoA process, the second and third links below  provides a great deal of information relating SAG to a Study Advisory Group.  Further, the fourth link below and the attached PDF document on pages 9 and 10, provides both definitions and purpose of a Study Advisory Group (SAG) and a Service Executive Steering Board (SESB) which also plays an important role to ensure that senior leaders are familiar with emerging AoA results.

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