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    I saw that the Configuration Management Information System (CMIS) is used by DOD, Air Force, Marines, and Navy, but the webpage did not list the Army. Does the Army use another database for tracking ECPs? If yes, what is it? Or is the Army included for the usage of the CMIS but was just left off the webpage show below?


    The DoD, Air Force, Marines and Navy do use the Configuration Management Information System (CMIS) to track ECPs.  CMIS is a commercial product that they subscribe to.  The Army does not subscribe to that service.  At the present time, the Army does not have an across-the-board solution to tracking ECPs.  Each individual component or organization has its own procedures.  However, the Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) is looking at a commercial product named Windchill.  Windchill, which has a large commercial user base, is a lifecycle management system that is offered by a company named PTC.  Windchill performs many configuration management functions with ECP tracking being one.  If RDECOM standardizes on Windchill, I would expect the entire Army to follow suit, but we are not there yet.

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