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    Is payment of FedEx charges using the Government Purchase Card permitted? Charges are billed monthly.


    1.  The DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR) Volume 10, Chapter 16, Paragraph 160703 mandates as follows:
    * 160703. The two approved methods for billing and payment of commercial small package express shipments are the Government Purchase Card and a third party electronic payer system used by DoD for transportation. In instances where the environment will not support the electronic processes or business reasons preclude the use of these processes, a waiver may be requested from the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Material Readiness (Transportation Policy). Waiver requests must contain detailed justification as to why electronic means cannot be used and a proposed future date when the electronic requirement will be met.
    The third party payment description described in the FMR (SYNCADA) is described in the below URL:

    2.  OPM utilizes the card for purchase of small package delivery as well in paragraph 18 (b) of the below url.
    3.  Based on the above, for billing and payment of commercial small package express shipments, I would seek a FedEx account that would provide a monthly invoice for all of your shipments and use the GPC to pay. 

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