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    1-For block 11 (standard study number), I saw in AR710-1 that it is an 11-character alphanumeric number used to aggregate key budget data. The AR didn't indicate where this number came from. When I checked the financial regs since funding was mentioned in the SSN definition, I found DFAS Manual 37-100-18, mentioning a connection between the PBLI and SSN. Is the SSN a combination of the Army Management Structure Code (AMSCO) and Pres Bud Line Item Number (BLIN)? 2-The related regs AR710-1, AR71-32, and AR700-127 don't specify what OSE stands for although it's listed on the DAform5661 listed in AR710-1. Google has various definitions for OSE, one being organization support equipment. In regards to AR710-1 and the DAform5661 listed in it, is the aforementioned definition correct? 3-What do you put in blocks 12 CMI, 13A) ASIOE, and 13B) OSE--yes or no?


    There are specific instructions on filling out and submitting and processing a DA Form 5661 in AR 710-1 Chapter 11 and appendix B.  Your request for clarity on blocks 11, 12, 13a, and 13b is also addressed in a previous Ask a Professor request.
    There are several Army Documents which may aid in the definition and use of ASIOE and OSE.  Among those documents are AR 750-1 Army Materiel Maintenance Policy, AR 71-32 Force Development and Documentation, and AR 700-127 Integrated Logistics Support.  While AR 750-1 and 700-127 discuss the operations and  logistical support of army operations; AR 71-32 outlines the force development process and the use of these terms and the linkage to other actions critical to the outlining of TDA’s and MTOE’s.
    For detailed instruction on what specific information required to populate the DA Form 5661 I recommend you consult your command.

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