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    Can the technical evaluation committee ask questions during oral presentation ?


    FAR 15.102 discusses oral presentations. According to FAR 15.102 (d), when oral presentations are being conducted the solicitation will provide enough information to the offerors for them to prepare for the oral presentations. Types of information to be presented and the associated evaluation factors, qualification of offeror personnel making the oral presentation, requirements and/or limitations or prohibitions (such as offeror's trade secrets, etc.) of any material being presented, location time and date of presentation, time restrictions for the presentation, and scope and content of exchanges that may occur and whether discussions will occur. If discussions occur with one offeror, then they need to occur with all offerors. The contracting officer shall maintain a record of the oral presentations and put if the contracting file. The type of record (vide taping, written, audio, etc.) is determined by the source selection authority and the copy of the record may be provided to the offeror.  If questions should be asked, the contracting officer should decide how the questions should be asked. For example, the technical individuals can write questions on a 3x5 card and provide such card to the contracting officer, who can determine if the question should be asked, and in turn ask the question to the offeror. A second example, is after the oral presentation is made by the offeror, then the offeror leaves the remove, a discussion occurs among the government evaluations, a list of questions is developed, reviewed by the contracting officer, the offeror returns to the room, and the contracting officer asks the question(s). Again, the contracting officer maintains a record of the question(s) asked and response(s) by the offeror.  There should be a time limit for the delivery of the oral presentation as well as a time limit for questions. Especially if there are multiple offerors to be reviewed.

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