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    Can a Funds Certifier be a P Card Holder? Is there a conflict of interest?


     I recommend you read Department of Defense Government Charge Card Guidebook for Establishment and Managing Purchase, Travel, and Fuel Card Programs January 24, 2018

    2.3.1 Covers roles and responsibilities.  One of the responsibilities of the Head of the Activity is to ensure proper separation of duties among personnel.  The Financial/Resource Managers provide appropriate funding for the accounts and enter associated lines of accounting into applicable systems. The roles and responsibilities are also listed for the card holder. The way the guidebook is set up it goes through all of the personnel involved with the charge card program.

    Your question asked if a fund certifier could be a card holder. It is possible a fund certifier could be a card holder, but I would expect another fund certifier would be certifying their funds. Recommend you speak with legal concerning possible conflicts of interest.


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