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    Is there some definition in the FAR that identifies whether a CDRL is required for a commercial buy under the SAT? If so, please provide references.


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate. 
    As described, we understand the situation to be an acquisition of training that includes texts which are separately priced.  These training manuals do not, from the background provided, appear to be manuals in the classic sense, they appear to be texts for the training.
    f that is the case, then a CDRL would not be necessary, but a separate CLIN, e.g. CLIN 0002, TRAINING MANUALS, LOT, UNIT  $2500, TOTAL $2500 or CLIN 0002, TRAINING MANUALS, EACH  UNIT  $250 (10 UNITS), TOTAL $2500.

    If in fact your team believes the manuals are deliverables apart from the class, the link below will take you to ASSIST, the Data Item Description database.

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