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    As the Subcontractor, what do I do with this GFE??


    The Government property in the possession of your organization is clearly no longer needed for contract performance. Therefore, it needs to be reported on an Inventory Disposal Schedule. If you have access to the Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System (PCARRS) you can use it to create an Inventory Disposal Schedule for the Prime Contractor by using its Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE code). The CAGE code will become a part of the Inventory Schedule number, which would result in the schedule appearing on the Prime Contractor’s Inventory Schedule Workload Screen. That should make the Prime aware that your organization still has Government property. The Prime would then submit the schedule to its Plant Clearance Officer for disposition instructions. If you do not have access to PCARSS, you can apply through DCMA’s External Web Access Management (EWAM) at

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