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    Assuming that I comply with parts 5 and 6, etc., are there any regulations precluding me from modifying the 1155 with a SF 30 over the $250K ?


    In accordance with FAR 53.213(b) SF 30 may be used for modifying purchase orders or a purchase order form may be used to modify a purchase order for commercial items.
    In accordance with DFARS PGI 213.307(b)(iii)Use Standard Form 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, to (A) modify a purchase order or (B) cancel a unilateral purchase order.
    FAR 53.243 Contract modifications (SF 30) stated: SF 30 (Rev. 11/2016), Amendment of Solicitation/ Modification of Contract. SF 30 is prescribed for use in amending invitation for bids, as specified in 14.208; modifying purchase and delivery orders, as specified in 13.302-3; and modifying contracts, as specified in 42.1203(h), 43.301, 49.602-5, and elsewhere in this regulation. The form may also be used to amend solicitations for negotiated contracts, as specified in 15.210(b).
    In accordance with the prescriptions and PGI, you would use an SF 30 to modify your contract action.

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