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    My question is there some DAU document or template that shows how to transition from one program to another (e.g. business, engineering, logistics, contracts)? I do not know where to start regarding this holistic approach.


    Mr. Grayson,
    I tried to call you to get some additional info.  I left a message but I'm sending this to you for your consideration.  You are welcome to contact me directly.  
    There isn't a one fits all transition template or document that produces a holistic strategy to integrate or transition programs.  What I can offer you is a couple of links for you to peruse  and see if that helps in your transition. 
    The first link is the Mission Assistance site.  The link is  I would have you peruse that site to see what assistance DAU might be able to provide.
    There is a Smart Shutdown Program Support primer that will have you consider six key focus areas to consider as you transition the program. 
    Last there is another link is  to an Acquisition Program Transition Workshop.  What this workshop does is get everyone together to collaborate on a transition strategy.  It is facilitated by a DAU Professor and requires prior coordination with DAU as we try to tailor the workshop to your needs. 

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