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    Do I have to be present to swipe the card or can I fill out payment authorization form and forward to the Embassy Vetted Vendor?


    I looked at the DPAP website which maintains a bank of frequently asked questions and a guide pertaining to the GPC and didn't find a stipulation stating that an authorized user couldn't transmit the card information electronically to a vendor for payment.  There was a note of caution about paying through a 3rd party vendor (such as PayPal) due to the increased risk of fraud.  DPAP provides the overall regulatory framework for GPC use but individual agencies can supplement this with their own more stringent regulation if needed.  DFARS subpart 213.3 provides additional guidance on OCONUS purchases that may be applicable depending on what is being procured.  While I don't see a direct prohibition to using a payment authorization form, I would check with your agency AOPC just to be sure before proceeding. 

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