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    Are there specific KPP/KSA requirements for ACAT I, II, and III? If so, what are they or where can I find this information? If the mandatory KPPs are applicable to all programs regardless of ACAT level and there are no specific and differing requirements for KPPs in each ACAT level, can you confirm that this is the case?


    The following KPPs are mandatory for all Capability Development Documents (CDDs) and Capability Production Documents (CPDs) unless the Sponsor provides appropriate justification why the KPP is not appropriate: Force Protection (FP), System Survivability (SS), Sustainment, Net-Ready (NR), Training, and Energy.  Nuclear Survivability KPPs are mandatory for systems covered under DoDD S-5210.81, U.S. Nuclear Weapons Command, Control, Safety and Security.

    So applicability isn't determined by ACAT, but by whether the KPP is appropriate for the program or not.  See the JCIDS Manual, Appendix A to Enclosure B, "Key Performance Parameters and Key System Attributes", dated 19 Jan 2012.

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