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    Do I have to ask for quotes from all 3 vendors for a 2nd Yr Enterprise Maintenance & Support? The current vendor sent a renewal quote for the same price as the 1st Yr Enterprise Maintenance & Support? The Task Order does have the following clauses: 52.217-7 OPTION FOR INCREASED QUANTITY--SEPARATELY PRICED LINE ITEM (MAR 1989) 52.217-8 OPTION TO EXTEND SERVICES (NOV 1999)


    Yes. Task orders issued against BPAs must be competed, as the BPA itself was not competitively awarded. Having an option clause simply provides the government with the unilateral right to exercise an option for additional quantities at established prices, terms, and conditions; it does not in itself satisfy the competition/fair opportunity requirements of multiple award contracts. In addition, FAR 13.303-5(c) states "The existence of a BPA does not justify purchasing from only one source..." Unless there is a compelling reason to exercise the option without competing the requirement among all three vendors, you need to ask for quotes from all three.

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