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    What are the appropriate clause versions to flow-down to the IHE Subcontractor? The same version in the prime award? Or, the clause alternates/versions, e,g,: 52.215-2, Alt II which applies OMB A-133/UG Single Audit Subpart F? 52.216-7, Alt II which applies the cost principles at 31.3? 52.249-5, which also applies cost principles at 31.3 in event of termination?


    Only the clause at 52.215-2 Alt II is subject to mandatory flow-down. The clauses at 52.216-7 and 52.249-5/6 are not. However, they may be included subject to negotiation between the prime contractor and subcontractor. You can consult DAU's Provision and Clause Matrix tool for further details.

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