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    Can you correct or amend the DD250 paperwork or can you draw up a new DD250 to correct the issue?


    As background, a DD Form 250 is a multipurpose report used:
      (1)  To provide evidence of Government contract quality assurance at origin or destination;
      (2)  To provide evidence of acceptance at origin, destination, or other;
      (3)  For packing lists;
      (4)  For receiving;
      (5)  For shipping;
      (6)  As a contractor invoice (the WAWF RR, WAWF RRR, or DD Form 250 alone cannot be used as an invoice, however the option exists to create an invoice from the Receiving Report or a Combo (Invoice and Receiving Report) both of which minimize data entry); and
      (7)  As commercial invoice support. [DFARS Appendix F-103]
    DFARS Appendix F-101(a) should be your first area of review since it...
    "...contains the procedures and instructions for the use, preparation, and distribution of Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) Receiving Report (RR), WAWF Reparable Receiving Report (WAWF RRR), the WAWF Energy RR, and commercial shipping/packing lists used to document Government contract quality assurance. The WAWF RR is the electronic equivalent of the DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report (MIRR). The WAWF Energy RR is the electronic equivalent of the DD Form 250 for overland shipments and DD Form 250-1, Tanker/Barge Material Inspection and Receiving Report, for waterborne shipments. The WAWF RRR is the electronic equivalent of the DD Form 250 for repair, maintenance, or overhaul of Government-furnished property."
    F-101(b) notes that " The use of the DD Form 250 series documents is on an exception basis (see DFARS 232.7002(a)) because use of the WAWF RR is now required by most DoD contracts. WAWF provides for electronic preparation and documentation of acceptance of supplies and services, and electronic invoicing. In addition WAWF allows the printing of a RR that can be used as a packing list or when a signed copy is required."
    The remainder of Appendix F gives greater detail on how to record a variety of requests and reports. It does not discuss modifications, in lieu of canceling a DD Form 250 and issuing a new one. That information may reside in iRAPT/WAWF, a system to which we do not have access. Recommend you raise this question to your WAWF administrator or the government customer support desk:
    If you are not using iRAPT/WAWF but using the DD Form 250 on "an exception basis" per DFARS 232.7002, then I must refer you to your policy office for a determination.

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