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    My question is, what if we need to develop a new SKO, a new capability, with a few new items to be developed. Would DoDI 5000.02 apply? Basically I'm asking can you take a set or system of items through the life cycle acquisition process? If so what parts of the acquisition process are applicable here?


    Yes, particularly if you have to develop a new SKO or capability to fill a requirement to support the warfighter. I invite your attention to AR 40-60, Army Medical Materiel Acquisition Policy, Chapter 3 - Army Medical Acquisition Process addresses the need to follow the DoDI 5000.02 Operation of the Defense Acquisition Process as required to fill our acquisition needs. It provides the following:(1) An Overview of the medical acquisition process, (2) Oversight of assigned medical acquisition programs, (3) Tailoring documentation for medical programs, and (4) Medical products with information management/information technology component.

    Based discussions with you regarding the proposed SKO quantities and budget, recommend you lay out a "full acquisition strategy" to determine where you'll enter the acquisition process as needed. This is key as you consider new development to fill a gap, up grades with COTS, and tailoring as required to provided the capability to warfighter as quickly as possible. 

    Lastly, review the DoDI 5000.02 Operation of the Defense Acquisition Process, Jan 7, 2015, Change 3, Aug 10, 2017 for quick overview of decision points, phase activities and tailoring as needed to support timely delivery of support systems/tools to the warfighter.


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