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    If my office requires something from a contractor where do those specifics need to be stated, in the CDRL and the SOW or in either one? What regulation or written document describes/requires the CDRL, SOW relationship. Thank you.


    All Government requirements should be detailed in the Statement of Work. The CDRL or other documents summarizing the contractor requirements should be derived from the SOW. You specifically asked about timelines or schedules. FAR Part 11.401 (a) states “The time of delivery or performance is an essential contract element and shall be clearly stated in solicitations.” These schedules should then be incorporated into the contract. If a requirement is not stated in the SOW or within the contract i.e. a clause, there is no requirement for the contractor to perform. If they do perform they have the right to submit a Request for Equitable Adjustment or file a Claim against the Government for completing additional work not identified or priced within the original contract.

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