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    What is the procedure for applying for the 806 Fund? What documents are required? What is the application timeline? Who can we reach out to for more information regarding the application process?


    NDAA for FY 17 has the following to say about such prototype projects:
     ‘‘§ 2447c. Requirements and limitations for weapon system component or technology prototype projects:
    ‘‘(a) LIMITATION ON PROTOTYPE PROJECT DURATION.—A prototype project shall be completed within two years of its initiation.
    ‘‘(b) MERIT-BASED SELECTION PROCESS — A prototype project shall be selected by the service acquisition executive of the military department concerned through a merit-based selection process that identifies the most promising, innovative, and cost-effective prototypes that address one or more of the elements set forth in subsection (c)(1) of section 2447b of this title and are expected to be successfully demonstrated in a relevant environment.
    ‘‘(c) TYPE OF TRANSACTION.—Prototype projects shall be funded through contracts, cooperative agreements, or other transactions.
    ‘‘(d) FUNDING LIMIT.—(1) Each prototype project may not exceed a total amount of $10,000,000 (based on fiscal year 2017 constant dollars), unless—
    ‘‘(A) the Secretary of the military department, or the Secretary’s designee, approves a larger amount of funding for the project, not to exceed $50,000,000; and
    ‘‘(B) the Secretary, or the Secretary’s designee, submits to the congressional defense committees, within 30 days after approval of such funding for the project, a notification that includes—
    ‘‘(i) the project;
    ‘‘(ii) expected funding for the project; and
    ‘‘(iii) a statement of the anticipated outcome of the project.

    Further, Financial Management Regulation (FMR), DoD 7000.14, Volume 2B, addresses budgeting requirements.  Recommend you consult with your Comptroller staff to proceed with the application of such funding.

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